Becoming a Serious Blogger

Yep, you did read that correctly.  I’m dreaming very big.
I just made the move from tumblr to wordpress.  I must be honest, wordpress didn’t leave a first good impression with.  It seemed very high tech and touchy and frankly, it made me a little angry.  But..then I went back to my tumblr, realized how much it really lacked, and now I’m here.  At wordpress.  Where all of the serious bloggers call home.

Am I ready to try and become a serious blogger? One who has real life followers?


Shall we begin?



One thought on “Becoming a Serious Blogger

  1. three things: 1) math, again, really? haha. 2) super proud of your speech! i want to read it 🙂 and 3) real life follower right here!

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