Disclaimer: This post was originally posted on my tumblr. But, I’m not there anymore. So, I’m only forced to bring the best post to my new little blog’s home.

Today I…

(pause for well deserved applause. Thank you! Thank you!)

I ran Eureka’s Turkey Trot at 9am this morning.  I was terrified and debating on even doing it.  But, I knew I would feel better about myself if I did. So, I crawled my ass out of bed and my mom and I drove out to Old Town and registered me all up.
It was $20 for me to Trot it up Turkey style. ($10 without a shirt.’s a race. The shirt is the only reason ANYONE ever runs a race. Am I right? Yes, I am.)

The official results aren’t out yet, but I believe I ran the 5k in a little over 36 minutes, which if that is right is a PR for Brittany.  Last minute I took off my armband with my iPhone to stopwatch myself, which ended up being a mistake. I’m going to be Responsible Ruth and blame it on me being a newb to these racing things. When I crossed the finish line, the timing part of the race was really confusing, so I don’t know how accurate it’ll be. We crossed the finish line and immediately got in line in the order we finished and then handed in the bottom half of our bib.

…and that was it. No one shouted out times or anything. So, we’ll see…

Other than that…it was a GREAT event. Really packed (as you can see), a nice course (along the Old Town boardwalk), and it was really organized. I liked it. A lot.

That’s me in the pink long sleeved shirt with the glasses and bun marching along the start. Sidenote: Do we all see those collar bones? I do. And me likey.

And I ran behind people.

This was a little bit before the finish line. I gradually picked up my pace for a stronger finish.

…I’m gaining on you, Blue Sweatshirt.
Funny story: Blue Sweatshirt in front of me was fighting with her running partner about sprinting to the end of the race.  The finish line was literally in sight and he was wanting her to pick up the pace so they could finish sprinting, going full blast. “Go ahead and have fun. I’ll see you at the finish line.” Is all she would ever respond to him.  We all three got close to the finish line at the same time. Last minute: I ran got a jolt of race energy and crossed the finish line 3 steps before they did.

Doing the Turkey Trot was an awesome way to start Thanksgiving.  I NEVER thought I would EVER want to wake up and race. But, the bug has seemed to have bitten me. And I’m not complaining.

Now off to bed I go. Working in Target..means I have to get geared up for Black Friday. Which I open for.  At 11:45pm-8:15am.

Oh, what a glorious night lies ahead.

Happy Thanksgiving!

UPDATE: Official Race Results Are Out.

Official Time: 34:42     463/601
That works out to be a PR by about 2 minutes.

I would call that a perfect first blog post. (second, technically. a) don’t care. b) don’t care. c) first race=most important=qualifies for best first post, even if it isn’t really).


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