What is so INSANE about Mondays?

Today, I attempted to start the Insanity program.  My intensely fit and toned friend, Jessyca (this blog will come to know her as Yay), has been trying to get me to partake in this crap forEVER.  I never felt like I would be able to keep up.  …And I wasn’t mistaken.  Even after losing nearly 50 pounds (eeeeeep!) and seeing how far I’ve already come, my ass was kicked directly off that sweet pedestal and I was back down to nothing.

Those are my options? Can't we work something out for my pansy ass? No? Well, fine, Mr. Shaun T. Your abs win.

IT WAS SO HARD. So hard, that my body decided to shut down after only doing not even half of the damn fitness test. (Alright. I’m a liar. It wasn’t that hard. But, after doing three exercises my intestines decided to ruin my life)  So..I had to quit.  I’m not good at pushing through pain.

What? What’s that you say? I’m a baby? Yeah, I know. It’s something I’m thinking about potentially working on.


I stole the Insanity program right off of Yay’s computer and now it can call my sunshine yellow dell home.  I am absolutely terrified of this workout, but I think that’s one thing that makes me more intrigued by it.  Now that I’ve started running (alright..jogging) I’m so much more interested in seeing what else I can do with this crazy-ass thing called my body.

So, I’m now going to start using this as an accountability thingy.  On top of my half marathon training (that I’m going to start….NOW) I’m going to be doing insanity as my cross training.  But, with Insanity, Shaun T only likes to gift you with one rest day (Pretty generous, no?) So, I’ll be running and cross training on the same day? I don’t know if that’s too much? But, I think I can handle it? (Naive Britt. That’s another name I like to go by.) I’m going to try my hardest to complete this!  Now that school is done, I have nothing but time.  I CAN DO THIS.

Here’s what Week One has in store:


I don’t even think that’s readable. Whatever. Britt=Novice Blogger.
I’m still doing an internet search of half marathon training plans.  I’m most likely just gonna use Smart Coach through Runner’s World, but we shall see.

In other important news:

Christmas is in less than a week.  I’m not happy.  This holiday season flew by before I even had the chance to drown myself in corny Christmas movies. (Watching Jingle All the Way three times doesn’t mean I’ve drowned myself in corny movies?) Boo.

If anyone wants to reverse my sadness and make this girl smile, buy me this:

RUNNING SUCKS. t-shirt - pink shirt

$10 on Etsy's DailyVitaminF shop. I'm worth it. ...right?

It’s cute and ironic and sarcastic. My three favorite things.


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