INSANITY: Day One–Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Insanity=sweat. Large amounts of sweat.

At first I was like, “Eww, Sweat.  Why did you have to make such an appearance after only 42 minutes? GTFO”

But, then I was all,


How could I even be upset with sweat? Doesn’t it mean you’ve just kicked some calories out of their home? SWEAT=LOVE.

As for the workout?  That crap was hard.
Cardio intervals of high intensity jumping.  Jumping up. Getting in push up position.  Jumping around while on your hands.  Jumping back up.  Jump back down.  Repeat for a deadly amount of time (I’m lying. 42 minutes).  Obviously I’m not Mr. Shaun T and I’m not going to be able to hop around like him and all of his crazy-ass followers.  But, I think I did alright.  I did maybe extend his generous 30 second rest periods to a minute. Or, I might not have done all of the exercises to my fullest extent.  But, it was really hard and I think I did my best.  I know the amount of sweat I produced has to mean I did something.  On the bright side, my living room floor had so much sweat on it that I could probably get away with telling people I had an indoor swimming pool.

"This is my intense face. This intense face is so hardcore that I didn't even work out for these abs. My intense staring made them magically pop out of my body."

After I did the deed, I made a delicious wrap that I didn’t get a chance to photograph because my mouth got in the way and wouldn’t leave until it was all gone. Rude.

Tomorrow will be Day Two–Cardio Power and Resistance.
We’ll just see how dead I feel in the morning..
Tomorrow morning is also Weigh Day Wednesday. (A little scared..)



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