Turns out the blogging game is a game that I am very bad at playing.  It’s been almost two weeks since my last post. (Doesn’t feel that way at all.) I didn’t do a Christmas post.  I didn’t keep up with my Insanity posts. Boo.

Boo. Boo. Boo.

BUT. I’m here today. Counts for something right?

So, this post is going to be a variety of random pictars from the past couple weeks.

We did a black and gold Crhistmas at my home this year! Here's the tree.More of the Christmas tree! With my floral and bow tree topper.

Christmas tablescape.


The "I bought myself the jacket I had been coveting at Target for weeks now so I have to take a picture with it in the mirror" picture.

P.S. That’s my new camera I was given for Christmas from my QVC obsessed aunt! It’s the Olympus SP-810UZ.  I LOVE IT. So many neat things can be done with that camera.  3D pictures? Yes, please!

P.P.S. (right? It’s not P.S.S.? I always get confused..) That jacket I coveted? A MEDIUM. Oh, I’m such a happy girl. 🙂

One of my very best friends, Kaylyn (She will be known as Shimmy on this thing), wanted to have a hentai night. (Don’t know what hentai is? If you scare easily, don’t google it. You’ll probably have nightmares. If you’re into weird stuff that normal people shouldn’t do in groups, google it. You’ll be entertained.) One of my favorite places in Humboldt is La Dolce Video.  It’s an extremely neat video rental shop that specializes in quirky/foreign/documentary/off the wall films.  Including a decent amount of hentai.
We went. We rented. Called Yay. And watched.

Our options. What? You don't take a whole category of movies and spread them out on the floor to examine your options? Weird..

Some of those covers will haunt me until I die..

She likes to think. Can't you tell?

It was a fun night.  We ended up choosing Midnight Sleazy Train, Green Green, and Kekko Kamen, because I’m sure you were really interested in what we chose.  The guy working at LDV actually gave Kekko Kamen a rave review.  It was neat.

I hope now that I have my new and beautiful camera I will become a pro at the blogging game. Blogs aren’t as fun without pictures.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about my Insanity workouts from the past week.  I’m also planning on typing up a mean list of resolutions (Didn’t you hear? IT’S 2012!)

Happy New Year!


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