Wednesday Weigh Day and Monday Deliciousness

Wednesday was the day that I started weighing myself back in July and it stuck.  I think it’s better to choose a day to weigh yourself during weight loss in the center of the week, rather than on Monday at the beginning of the week. Why? Well, if your eating didn’t go as well as planned or you skipped all of your workouts, seeing a number you’re not happy with could potentially end up ruining your whole week. Also, Wednesday gives me a food buffer.  If I want to have something a little teensy bit bad for me on the weekends, I know that it won’t end up affecting me (if I can keep it under control) by the time my feet hit the scale on Wednesday.

Today, Wednesday, Weigh Day was exceptionally AMAZING pour moi. (..drum roll, please?)

FOUR POUNDS. I only had a half pound weight gain during the week of Christmas (that’s a first for me, believe me) and the week right off it: FOUR WHOLE POUNDS. This makes my total lost 55 pounds and a grand total of 75 pounds from my heaviest.

It feels pretty darn good.




On Monday, I decided to combine two of my 2012 resolutions: take more pictures and blogging. My mom was given Monday off of work so we decided to go to downtown Arcata for lunch and frozen yogurt. (what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t have a freakish obsession with frozen yogurt?)

Uhm, yummy salad. The salad bar at Wildberrie’s never disappoints me.  Spinach, romaine, olives, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, cheese, carrots, tofu, baby corn, and tabouleh, with olive oil and balsamic vinegar to dress it up. MMM.

And the most beautiful part and delicious part of any day: Ultimate Yogurt. Humboldt’s very own self-serve yogurt (our large Redwood Curtain likes to block anything too corporate, like Yogurtland. Which I’ve never even been to yet :o) New York Cheesecake and Dulce de Leche frozen yogurt topped with all of the healthier goodness!  (I only chose healthier because Monday is closer to Wednesday, and I didn’t want to potentially screw up my weigh day. worked.)

Tonight is designated Yogurt Night with my mama and I promise I’ll indulge a little more. Fruits are still a must, because hello, delicious. But, expect to see more brownie, cookie dough, and, dare I say, marshmallow cream? That stuff WILL kill me.


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