The Weight Loss Wednesday That Wasn’t and Positivity

Well, today is supposed to be Weight Loss Wednesday.  ‘Supposed’ being the keyword because when I stepped on the scale this morning, it read 166.5.

What does that make this Wednesday? A ‘Weight Gain of a Pound and a Half Wednesday’. Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. And I’m pissed. Sure, last Wednesday (Wednesday’s also are my slight cheat day, normally just with a froyo) I kind of blew it…hardcore. My friend’s old exchange student was revisiting Humboldt from Bangkok and she cooked us delicious Thai food for dinner and she also wanted to go for yogurt, and then a bunch of other things happened that don’t make me a proud lady.

Funny Weekend Ecard: Regarding this evening, fuck my diet.

And then I weighed myself the next morning, and it fed me back a 3 pound weight gain (I didn’t think I blew it that badly, honestly) Two days later I weighed myself again, just as a check up and I’d only lost a pound of the three that I gained (Uhhh, okay? I was back to eating perfectly and back to my Insanity) And then today. So, I guess technically I did lose two pounds, but if I never would’ve weighed myself (because I’m stupid and actually weighed myself) I wouldn’t have known that and I would be left with a 1.5 pound weight gain.

I’m just mad.

And since I’m mentally unstable I’ve already eaten chocolate this morning because of how my scale treated me. (Counterproductive? Don’t care.) I strive off of hate pity parties.

Since I need to heal my unstable mental state of eating whenever my weight loss disappoints me, I’ve decided to do something completely uncharacteristic of me and throw out some positiveness. A few things that happened over the past week that remind me I’m still on the right path even with this minor setback:

1. Insanity Fit Test
When I first did the Fit Test 3 weeks ago (should’ve done it after 2, but I restarted the program) I only did the first 3 out 8 exercises because my stomach started yelling at me to quit doing anything and even those numbers weren’t too impressive. But, when I did the Fit Test this week,  I was proud. I Increased my Switch Kicks by 15 (standing and alternating kicks while hopping..does that make any sense?) I increased my Power Jacks by  5 (jumping jacks but landing and holding a squat) and I increased my Power Knees by 6 (standing twisted to the side and bringing the outside knee up to your chest while bringing your arm to your knee. Think Tae-Bo). The rest of the Fit Test went pretty darn well, if I do say so myself. I’m getting stronger and I like that

2. Work Pants
Target requires me to wear red and khaki, which isn’t so bad. When your khaki pants start out at a size 18 that becomes bad. Then I got down to a 16. A few weeks later, a 14. Then I got back into a size 12. I was a size 12 in middle school, that’s just what I comfortably stayed at. I’ve noticed my pants were getting a little loose (okay, they were pretty big. Just trying to keep a little modesty) So, I took a huge leap and tried on the size 10. THEY FIT. I’m now in a size 10 work khaki and I can’t even begin to describe how ecstatic I was in that dressing room. But, it’s not like I immediately called my mom and danced around the family size dressing room. That would be embarrassing and I don’t do embarrassing.

3. Running
My mileage might be down, but I did a pace PR of 10:48 minute mile. Big ol’ news for Brittany.

In my mind, the 1.5 pound weight gain outweighs (haha, PUN) the positivity. But, seeing that some great things have happened this week, despite the gain, makes me realize that obviously the scale isn’t everything and next week will be my big comeback in the loss department.



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