A Few Days Late

How I didn’t post about this sooner…well, I am trying to be better at this. Despite my lack of interesting posts.

Looking back to my failed Weight Loss Wednesday, I’m almost relieved that it happened. After a very unhealthy Wednesday, I woke up on Thursday and felt sluggish and gross. I wanted to change that. I put on my running shoes and decided to see how fast I could run a mile. The night before, I mapped a route on Map My Run and mapped out a mile around my neighborhood.  I strapped on my iPhone and turned on my “i heart sweat” playlist and set off.

My lungs hurt, but I felt good. I don’t normally run at a pain level and that was a pain run. But, a good pain. I went through about two and a half songs, but couldn’t remember the length of the songs and I thought I felt myself slowing down. I was silently praying for a low 10 minute mile, that would be amazing for me. I decided to stop messing around with my mind and took a look at my stopwatch.  I was four houses and across the street away from my house, and my stopwatch read 9:30.


A sub-10 mile?


I sprinted home to make sure I got home in under 10 minutes, and I stopped at the front of my house at 9:48. I have never felt better. Lungs dying, sweat starting, breath panting. I felt good. I felt great. I have never ran a mile that quick. I have never dreamed that I could.

I decided to go back to Map My Run to make sure I didn’t screw anything up in my recording. (I don’t have that high of confidence in myself for things like that. I double check ERRTHING) Turns out I didn’t do it right. But, not a bad thing. No, no, no. Turns out, I’d been mapping all of my runs wrong, I follow the white “roads” and didn’t realize that that wasn’t the same as the sidewalk. So, I re-mapped it. TURNS OUT, that point where I looked at my stopwatch was the mile. Which means…I RAN THAT MILE IN 9:30.

Proud, Britt.

I feel like I’m back.


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