Weigh Day Wednesday

Today’s that magical day. The magical day that can either make or break my entire life. I’m just being dramatic realistic, here. The scale holds a lot of power.

And today, I can’t complain too much.

Down a half pound from last week and 3 pounds down from Friday where I ate my entire weight in my friend’s ridiculous cupcakes and went on to hate myself for the next three days.

Point is…I am down. I’m up a pound from seeing 165. But, I’m down from last week and that’s all I can really ask for from an extremely sedentary, lazy week.

Since Wednesday is my “rest” day, I don’t work out and I let myself go a little bit when it comes to eating. Which needs to stop, I think it’s starting to mentally screw me a little. So, I guess yesterday’s post of “tomorrow is today” was a little premature. At the risk of sounding like a total juice bag, TOMORROW is a new day.

Tomorrow I fix my gym membership and Tomorrow I work a completely full 8 hour shift at work.



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