French Friday: Pastry Edition

The Word:
pâtisserie = pastry

Quite obviously, I can’t go to France and not go to Paris. Absolutely not possible. I’d be an idiot. There’s a whole bunch of activities I want to do when I’m there, but one of the activities I think would be the most fun EVAR would have to be taking a course in cooking. This particular cooking course I found seems sensational. This activity might be more of a far fetched dream, since I’ve only stumbled upon pricier options, but I like dreaming.

Description as quoted on Viator:
“Join us in the heart of central Paris for a quintessential French Pastry and Dessert cooking class. You will learn to cook typical French pastries and desserts at one of two central location and devour your creations at the end. Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or a novice, this cooking class promises to be fun and entertaining. Your chef will be there to answers all your questions. Both locations are convenient and you will use state of the art equipment.”

Uhh, how can anyone NOT want to participate in this constant state of amazing?

And if that description does nothing for you, maybe some photos from past participants will tickle your fancy?

Photo of Paris Pastry and Dessert Course in Paris Cooking Class

Photo of Paris Pastry and Dessert Course in Paris Cooking Class

Photo of Paris Pastry and Dessert Course in Paris Cooking Class


I didn’t mean to only pick the photos of the macarons. I had no control over my fingers and they were just so pretty, nothing else mattered.

Highlights of the class?

  • Pastry and dessert cooking lessons..IN PARIS
  • Learn how to make ice cream, French pastry, and famous French macarons
  • Famous local chef
  • In a convenient central Paris location

And now the really exciting part? ITINERARY.:

Tuesday, Saturday
You will prepare the following:

  • One ice cream. The flavours are subject are seasonal. They may include geranium, coquelicot, lavander or traditional flavors such as chocolate or caramel
  • One type of biscuit or fruit paste such as chocolate truffles
  • One typical french pastry such as 3 chocolates entremets, eclairs, religieuse, savarin, mille-feuille or choux.
  • One world flavour dessert such as green matcha tea madeleine or exotic tatin tart.

Monday, Thursday
French Macaron Class

  • Learn to make the famous French macarons loved by Marie Antoinette. Flavors change each class.

I WANT TO DO IT ALL. But, looking at the pricing calendar, all that’s being offered for the month of April are the Tuesday, Saturday courses. While they would be fantastic, I had my heart specifically set on macarons. I’ve heard they’re hard to perfect and they look so darn pretty. And for the not so cheap price of $166, I don’t really want to give up that dream. This broke college girl can only pay for so much!

The reviews for this tour are fantastic! Overall 5 stars with 55 reviews. Not too shabster. I think this is a tour I’ll bring to my friend’s attention and see if she’s interested in it as well!


If you could make any flavor of macaron, what would it be?
RASPBERRY mixed with dark chocolate and some marshmallow thrown in. HEAVEN. French heaven.

What about you?



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