‘Lifestyle Change’ Update

Calling it a lifestyle change makes it all a lot simpler to stay with.  Diets sound restrictive and for the first time in all of my weight loss endeavors I haven’t been restricting myself.


I haven’t really been talking too much about my weight loss recently. I came to a serious plateau followed by a backward pedal and then a slight slow loss, followed with another plateau. I’m in the frustrating part of this quest. I don’t likey.

So, the update:

  • I’m back in the gym for an hour a day. With only 3 months left until France (today exactly! eeep!) I had to get back into the routine I started out with of one hour a day at the gym. And I’m already feeling back to my “pre-holiday fall out of habit” state.
  • I’m hardcore tracking my calories with LoseIt, iPhone app. (more on another post) I guess this isn’t too much of an update as I always tracked my intake somewhat. Maybe it’s just a lot little more time consuming.
  • My attitude is getting back to happy and good. It can’t always only be about food and exercise with this ‘lifestyle change’ thing. My mind has to change somewhere in there. This one is almost bigger than food and exercise, because I can feel myself becoming happy and having a better attitude.  Coming from the most cynical, sarcastic, and pessimistic person you’ll possibly ever meet..this is progress.  (I don’t think I’m too good at conveying my true self here. It’s challenging. I’ll try harder. (probably not))

Life is good at le moment. I’m starting to feel like my goal weight is easier to attain, which is exactly the kick I need to get my buns a goin’!

Pinned Image


Ending the post with a positive mantra found on Pinterest is original, right?




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