Wednesday Weigh Day and What I Ate: January 25th Edition

Today I clocked in at 165. A loss from last week, but a number I’ve seen before.


Breakfast: 457 cal

  • 2 packets High Fiber Quaker Oats Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal–320 cal
  • 2/3 c Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk–27 cal
  • 1 med Banana–110 cal

Snack: 100 cal

  • Double Chocolate Vitatop–100 cal

Lunch: 380 cal + ???

  • Lean Cuisine, Pepperoni Pizza–380 cal
  • Archer Farms Dark Chocolate Almonds–TOO MANY DAMN CALORIES.

Snack: ???

  • Archer Farms Dark Chocolate Almonds–…Read Above

Dinner: ???

  • Trinidad Roll–???
  • Frozen Yogurt–???

Total: Over Maintenance


On the plus side (see, I can be positive), I really don’t feel like I blew it today. Yes, I didn’t need to eat the whole thing of almonds. My mom did help me. So did some of my coworkers. But, still. I feel like I could’ve done worse. I don’t feel bloated tonight. And, I don’t necessarily hate myself like I normally do after eating a few extra calories.

Instead of using Wednesday as a full blown cheat day, like I have been the last three Wednesdays, I’m gonna try and make it a day that I eat at maintenance. Which, according to LoseIt, is about 2200 calories. Which I feel is a lot. But, iPhones do know best, I suppose. 😉



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