Reading the Signs

For Saturday, July 7, 2012:

Your ruling planet Venus befuddles you today with one tempting diversion after another.  It becomes increasingly difficult for you to follow through on what you started until something happens that requires you to pull yourself back on course with a new sense of determination.  Ultimately, the outcome is up to you; you can accomplish a lot once you accept that everything will take longer to finish than you originally planned.

It’s seems as though I need this thing more than I thought.  It’s time for more accountability.  

Would I be saying this if I hadn’t gained any weight?

I’ve been back from France for almost two months now.  You’d think I would have lost the five pounds that I gained and then some, right? Welp! Wrong.

Somehow, I saw 179.0 staring back at me on the scale this morning.  Wait, I shouldn’t say somehow.  I know how I got back there. Laziness.  I quit running and quit exercising and started binge eating again.  I got comfortable and now I’m so appalled at myself.

Back to the lovely horoscope reading for today.  After I just stepped out of the shower, I decided to check out the iPhone and read my horoscope.  And it felt appropriate.  I started Insanity again today.  Just the Fit Test, but still.  I’ve fallen so far in three months with my fitness level.  I’m starting to recognize myself in the mirror again.  Normally, that would be a good thing.  But, when the only version of yourself that you’ve known is overweight, then that becomes a problem. tafp.  

No more binge eating.  No more purging.  No more laxatives.  No more doubt.

I need to feel that I can do this.  

A lot is going to be changing in the next six months and there’s so much more that I want to accomplish in the next six months.

I guess now is a good time.


Sidenote: I wish my posts weren’t so ramble-y.  I guess I can fix that eventually.



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