Fit Test(s)

As I was powering through the first (and sadly, only) season of Bridalplasty on Netflix today, I realized that I forgot to post my Insanity Fit Test results.  The Fit Test is a 25 minute test of fitness to see how far you’ve grown (or shrunk) over the span of two weeks. Rinse and repeat every two weeks.

So no one’s sitting in the dark, here is what the Fit Test entails. Do each one of these moves for one minute, as fast as you can and as many as you can. Take a one minute rest after each.

1.) Switch Kicks–Stand and kick. Kick one leg out in front of you, then immediately kick the other leg up. Basically, you’re kicking alternatively and repeatedly.

2.) Power Jacks–Jumping Jacks, but land in a squat position.

3.) Power Knees–Stand slightly turned, so the left leg is in front of the other. Take your hands and put them over your head, kind of at the same level as your forehead, like you’re a ballerina. Take your back leg and bring it your belly button while simultaneously bringing your arms down to meet your knee.

4.) Power Jumps–Jump in the air, but bring your knees up so it’s kind of you like doing a squat in the air, slap your knees, then come down.

5.) Globe Jumps–Jump up and come down, then do the same thing moving to the right, moving back, moving to the left, then back front. (One Globe Jump is all four jumps)

6. Suicide Jumps–Go down, jump back into push up position, jump back in, jump up, go immediately back down.

7. Push Up Jacks–Push ups, but throw your legs out like you’re doing a jumping jack.

8. Low Plank Oblique–Get into plank position, but place your forearms on the ground. Bring each knee out the the side of you and alternate.

Here are the results of my first Fit Test:

Fit Test #1: July 7

Switch Kicks: 60
Power Jacks:  32
Power Knees: 65
Power Jumps: 11
Globe Jumps: 7
Suicide Jumps: 8
Push Up Jacks: 7
Low Plank Oblique: 30

As I flip my hair off my shoulders, I can also color myself impressed with my results. (for the most part)

Fit Test #2: (July 21)

Switch Kicks: 56 (I was angry about this one..)
Power Jacks:  37 (5 more)
Power Knees: 80 (15 more)
Power Jumps: 20 (9 more..this move is SO hard)
Globe Jumps: 8 (1 more, really 4 more jumps)
Suicide Jumps: 13 (5 less. dumb)
Push Up Jacks: 15 (8 more)
Low Plank Oblique: 25 (5 less)

I was pretty upsettles that I did worse on some of them.  But, the ones that I did improve on are the hardest moves, at least for the most part.

We also do measurements in the Fit Test:

Fit Test #1 (measurements)

Weight: 179.0
Waist: 37 in
Hips: 42 in
R Thigh: 25 1/4 in
R Arm: 13 in

I can color myself impressed here, also:

Fit Test #2 (measurements)

Weight: 172.5 (-6.5 lbs)
Waist: 35 1/2 in (-1 1/2 in)
Hips: 40 in (-2 in)
R Thigh: I don’t actually have a number for this. I forgot about the legs. Oops.
R Arm: 12 1/2 in (-1/2 in)

Clearly, Insanity is doing its job. Now, I just have to keep doing it daily and not reconstructing it to fit my laziness.




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