{Sometimes} Saturday Satisfaction

This week..

I felt weak.
I felt I wasn’t doing enough.
I shut out many of my friends.
I felt relatively negative. The. Entire. Week.
I felt like a weight gain would plague my scale come Saturday morning.

Last night..

I drank a little too much.
I figured I had sabotaged myself.
I reconnected/bonded with a good good friend. One I need to be more available to.
I dreaded waking up in the morning and facing the damn scale.


I woke up.
I am slightly hungover.
I have the biggest bruise of my life on my left knee.
I have to say goodbye to another good good friend.
I stepped on the scale.
The scale told me I weighed 169.0. {-4.5 pounds}

Today will be great.
Today is what I’ve been needing.

Not tomorrow. Not next Monday.



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