That’s temperature right now.  In Humboldt.  On the first day of October.

What is this?

I’m enjoying it though.  Although this weather makes it really hard to enjoy a Pumpkin Spice Latte while wearing a sweater curled up in a blanket reading a depressing yet lovely book by Jane Austen or one of the Bronte sisters, I’m somehow surviving. 

Today is a golden day.  It’s the first of a brand new,beautiful month.  And it also happens to be a Monday.  Everyone’s favorite day to start things.  And if that Monday falls on the first of the month?  Well, I’m taking that as a hard sign to get my ass back into serious gear.  I’ve been on this plateau 7 months too long and it’s time to be done with it.

A 5 mile run walk jog/walk along the Hammond Trail with my Zombie running app and now listening to my Calm as Shit playlist on my front lawn in the sunshine.  I’m doing Monday, Ocotber 1 proud.

I’ll just continue wishing for a storm and a power outage to kick this season into full swing.



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