Today was a glorious Sunday. And by glorious I mean that it didn’t start until 12:30 in the afternoon, included Starbucks AND Chipotle, and was spent walking around and exploring things and stuff. (<—— Walking Dead reference, get it?)

Last night boyfriend and I couldn’t sleep. It didn’t help that we had just found out that Bar Rescue is on Hulu. Four episodes later and it’s 2:00 in the am. We had grand plans of waking up and going to the gym but we ended up sleeping through every single alarm and waking about past noon. (But, that’s what Sundays are for…right?) When we finally worked up the amount of effort we needed to half ass roll out of bed, I remembered that we also had plans of heading out to the Shasta Dam and seeing that. A stop to Starbucks (BOGO for the win) and Chipotle (their salads are always the right answer to any question) and we were driving towards the dam.

The Shasta Dam provides electricity and works as a flood stopper (duh) and is also super beautiful. They have tours but we got there pretty late and it’s also a Sunday, so instead we just walked along the dam.


It isn’t that far of a walk along the dam itself, but once you get over the dam it continues on towards the Sacramento River Trail which follows basically all of Redding and is supposed to be pretty neat. We stopped after the end of the dam and walked back to the car. Brittany was hungry and we were losing light.



Nothing will ever be as good as half steak and half chicken mixed with their vinaigrette sent from heaven.



We left the dam and decided we wanted more and went and drove around Whiskeytown Lake. Driven by the lake itself dozens of times because you have to driving from Humboldt to Redding, but I had never driven into the campgrounds and other places. We found our next exploring location, but that’ll be another post.

And for the other fun and gloriousness of the day! Elf for Health! (#Elf4Health)


Elf for Health is a four week health challenge that brings bloggers, tweeters, instagramers, and health seekers together for a fun and challenging way to stay healthy over the holidays. Created by Nutritionella and The Lean Green Bean, 800 people or elves signed up and are ready to go! Everyone gets two buddies throughout the 4 weeks (one every two weeks) and our job is to motivate and support our buddy elf. If you’re reading this and are so jealous and upset that you can’t be a part of it, don’t be! In two weeks, when we get our new elf buddies, sign ups will be reopened so you can have your own elf buddy.

Tomorrow starts Day One and the first challenge: GO MEATLESS!

….better go finish that Chipotle.


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