#Elf4Health Day One: Meatless Monday!

Another Monday has found it’s way into my life. This Monday I actually woke up way earlier than I needed to be and went for a run. AND I’m actually going to stay for the entirety of my yoga class. (woah..what’s happening to me) It probably has something to do with the fact that it’s the KICKOFF DAY FOR ELF FOR HEALTH!

The challenge for Day One is to participate in Meatless Monday. Easy concept, no meat. Breakfast was easy enough for me (oatmeal with berries and milk–spare you the picture, it didn’t look to appetizing) I’m having a hard time coming up with lunch items, though. I normally just have a sandwich. But that involves lunch meat. And I’d rather not empty my life savings ordering from my school cafeteria.

Maybe I’ll go to Chipotle and get a sofritas salad (because yes, Brittany, this is much more inexpensive). 
Chipotle addiction is a serious problem.

For dinner, I’m going to be making Mexican Sweet Potato Skins and can’t. freaking. wait. to. inhale. them. My buddy (HI EMMA!) is making Spinach Ricotta Ravioli. I don’t have a link for it. But it sounds delicious. Feel free to dream about it.

Update: I DID have Sofritas Chipotle. And life is grand.


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