Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! Pt.1

Today is Thanksgiving (HAPPY THANKSGIVING) and this will be completely original and unlike any blog you have read before.

(Yeah, I don’t believe myself either)

The morning started out with a Turkey Trot through Old Town Eureka. My mom and I picked up my cousin first and then went to pick up Boyfriend. His sister ended up going, too! Which was a nice surprise since I only ever do anything with Boyfriend’s brother.

We got to the registration area a little late and THEY RAN OUT OF SHIRTS. They were bright, neon orange AND LONG SLEEVED. I was upsettles, to say the least. They were only expecting a race of 700 and there ended up being nearly 1100, but still.
I even saw an old coworker and friend who has RECENTLY LOST 100 POUNDS. She looks fantastic and was also there running! She got a shirt. I’m completely not bitter.
And a little while later we were off!
We all started out running together but that only lasted for 3.2 seconds since I run about a 12 min/mile and my cousin can easily pull a 6. So, she left and bolted on. Boyfriend and Boyfriend’s sister stayed with me until about the mile and a half mark (which I ran in all its entirety, uhthankyouverymuch) and then BF sister took off. Boyfriend stayed with me the whole time. There were a couple walking breaks but I couldn’t be happier with how it went. After not running for quite sometime, I kept it up for longer than I expected even though I almost puked at the finish line.
Almost done!
I really like that we got a picture of the two of us without anyone really around us. Even if I’m looking down.

Stay Tuned for Part 2: Thankful Things.

UPDATE: Official race time was 38:27.


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