A Day at the Beach and an #Elf4Health Update

I was finally able to go home (for longer than 32 hours) for Thanksgiving.

I like being “independent” and still only living three hours away from my mommy. I’m needy.

One item that is always on the Humboldt agenda (even if I don’t always make it happen) is going to one of the many beaches. My mom and I finally made it to Moonstone beach on my last day home. Moonstone has always been one of my favorite beaches. It’s small and there’s a river between a little sand bank and the ocean. Sometimes you have to cross the river to get to the ocean and that can be quite the terrifying adventure.

It was cold, as usual.


You know you’re at a beach in Humboldt County when you have a a hot Starbucks, a new absolutely favorite and warm head wrap, and a jacket that overheats instantly. #starbucksselfie


As my mom and I were walking my dog, Lily, along the beach my mom noticed that there was a glass bottle in the sand. I’ve been conditioned to be careful and watch for broken glass and crazy heroine needles while walking along Humboldt’s coastline, but this glass wasn’t broken. And it was full of notes.


We literally found messages in a bottle. We took the bottle home to read the notes and when we did that, it got extremely sad. And odd. I started to notice that all of the messages were for a woman named “Lori” and they all hinted that she had died. Sifting through all of the rolled up notes was one that was dated: 11/30/13. The day before we found it. I started to feel really uncomfortable reading these messages when they were clearly meant to be taken out to sea. AND THEN MY GRANDMA FOUND HER OBITUARY IN THE PAPER. We decided to roll the messages back up and send it back to sea. After I had already violated everything that bottle held, I thought it only the right thing to do.

I have to admit, I really thought that we found a bottle from the 1700’s with old love notes in it.



I’m really bummed that it took me this moving to appreciate Humboldt’s beauty. But, now it only makes it more special when I go home to visit.

And now it’s time for an Elf for Health update!

The first week of challenges went…okay. I did great for Meatless Monday, I unsubscribed to EVERYTHING on Tuesday, I half assed a new workout while driving home (SPOILER ALERT: it didn’t do much), on Thursday I didn’t need to call anybody because I was surrounded by my ENTIRE family for Thanksgiving , on Friday I tracked my water (but the amount of water drank is pathetic), on Saturday I bought a few things for myself, and on Sunday I didn’t do the burpees. I WILL THOUGH, I SWEAR. I was driving home on Sunday and had plans with my mom and many more excuses. I completed the majority of the challenges, but I wasn’t healthy about them and I kinda half assed everything. At least my elf buddy is awesome! Bummed I only have her for one more week!

Week two started today and I am in the process of writing a handwritten note to Boyfriend. The rest of the week looks a little like this:

  • Tuesday: Eat the rainbow (NOT skittles)
  • Wednesday: Go makeup-less (girlfriend needs her eyebrows, this one will be rough)
  • Thursday: Workout with a workout buddy (good thing I have a built in one of those in the form of Boyfriend)
  • Friday: Operation Beautiful (I am the MOST excited for this)
  • Saturday: Fridge and pantry purge (maybe I’ll start my juice cleanse..)
  • Sunday: Make a gratitude list (I’ll make a good one and actually post it this time)




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