Let it Snow and Round 1 of #Elf4Health Ending

Good Afternoon!

In completely shocking and breaking news: It SNOWED. I know for most everyone around the US this is not shocking and definitely not something to be excited about. Accidents, snow ins, freezing temps, etc. But, I LOVE IT. I’ve never been a part of a white Christmas. Where I grew up, in Humboldt, the closest we would get to a white Christmas was a sporadic hale storm that lasted 10 minutes. It gets really cold without the snow and instead decides to just…rain.

But, not yesterday. NO NO NO. Around 2:30 in the afternoon I noticed that there were snowflakes falling from the sky. I opened the blinds so I can stare at it constantly and pretend that I was lost in a winter wonderland. Bundled in my scarf and my slouchy beanie and my sweater and my boot socks. The Christmas tree lights were on and I was a movie cliche.

After three thousand calls to my mom exclaiming how ecstatic I was that it was snowing I convinced myself that it wasn’t snowing enough to stick. And besides, everyone in Redding said that it never snows in town. Just on the outskirts. Well. EVERYONE LIED.

I took a nap around 5:30 (I was exhausted and drowsy and tired and just…asleep) and woke up about an hour and a half later. I had a text from Boyfriend (he was stuck inside at work) telling me that it was snowing (uhh, I know that..I told you repeatedly) but when I looked out the window I was completely blown away. IN AN HOUR AND A HALF IT WENT FROM NOT STICKING TO THREE INCHES AND COUNTING. I completely lost all of my shit. I (luckily) had just found my camera charger and very impatiently waited until it had a little juice in it and ran out and started taking all of the pictures!


I had tried sending my mom iPhone pictures but as good as the camera may be on those things, it wouldn’t register the actually flakes. Insert good digital camera and BOOM. Look at those snowflakes!


My camera has some ‘magic’ settings on it and this one is sparkle. It adds drama and magic and all of the love.



Sparkle setting + happy trail = appropriate picture.


Boyfriend’s snowman. That we didn’t name. Which looking back now is odd (I name EVERYTHING) so I’ll name him now? Cornelius.


I’m going to count our walk as Thursday’s Elf for Health challenge of a partner workout. Even though it was more of a fun, short, snow filled jaunt up the street and around the corner to Target.

Speaking of Elf for Health, man, am I behind on the challenges! A weekly recap:

  • Handwritten note for Monday–nope
  • Eat the rainbow for Tuesday–nope
  • Makeup free for Wednesday–couldn’t not put on my eyebrows, nope
  • Workout buddy for Thursday–pushed to Friday (kind of)
  • Operation Beautiful for Friday–NOPE AND I’M SO UPSET I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING FOR THIS ONE
  • Pantry and fridge purge for today–we don’t have much food in the place anyways so…not yet?
  • A gratitude list for tomorrow–I WILL DO THAT ONE.

And I still haven’t done my burpees from last Sunday either..oops. I have been eating better for a couple days and I went on a 5 mile walk this morning in the snow (how could I resist?) AND I haven’t had a soda since Wednesday. I’m on the up and up I tell you.

And now, I have finals to study for and a paper to write.

But, would it be such a bad thing if I decided to binge on the last 10 or so episodes of American Horror Story: Asylum?

Correct answer: no.



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