20..i mean..10 Grateful Things: An #Elf4Health Challenge

Warning: Some of these things I’m grateful for will be shallow and stupid. #sorryimnotsorry

1. Johnny Depp’s lonesome teardrop from Cry Baby
Can it be seen as slightly odd that this is the first item on the list? Yes, it can. But, should it be? Absolutely not. That teardrop made me laugh all the way through middle school, high school, and last night when I forced Boyfriend to watch it. He was not impressed. We almost broke up.

2. My best friend, Bryanna
She has been with me since Kindergarten. Over fifteen years. There were some bumps in the normally well paved road but we were able to work through them (long distance, might I add) and I can’t imagine not having her to text at 3am because I’m drunk and feeling dumb. Homegirl has been with me through losing my cousin, losing my aunt, losing myself, and everywhere in between.

3. The fact that I can run
I may not always like it, but it’s something that if I wanted to do, I could. Probably one of the things I take most for granted in this world is being physical and moving the limbs that I am healthy enough to move.

4. My mama and the rest of my family
I have a special relationship with my mom. One that only daughters/single mother people can understand. I talk to her nearly 15 times a day and sometimes that still isn’t enough. She did my laundry for me until I moved out and that’s pretty cool. Not sad. The rest of my family (my grandma, cousin, and uncle) I am also extremely grateful for. After my aunt and cousin died, I was really able to appreciate my family more, I’m just sad that it took death for that to happen.

5. I grew up pretty well
I was by no means at all rich, but I always had basically everything I wanted. To be completely honest, I was actually a spoiled little child (first child, first grandchild, first niece=everything I could possibly want). But growing up like that has made me see that I was a little bitch sometimes and I don’t want my child to act like that.

6. I have a grandmother who encourages world travel
My grandma has been to every continent except Antarctica and 47 states. She’s a bit of a traveler. And I’m so grateful that she always shared her photo albums and stories and memories with me because it really fueled my fire to travel everywhere I possibly could. She helped me get to France two years ago and I will never be able to express how grateful and happy and perfect that is.

7. Boyfriend
I didn’t mean to put Boyfriend so far down on the list, but whatever. He came into my life randomly and I formed a little girl love crush on him right then and there. Even though he is 1 year and 3 months younger than me. He really came into my life on a stronger level after my aunt died and almost a year after we met he kissed me. And I can safely say that that was one of the best movie watching nights at 5 am I could have ever had. I love him in the sappiest of ways and can’t imagine doing anything without him.

8. Color organization of all the things
This really should be higher on my list. Color organizing things is my favorite. It looks pretty. Books, clothes, knick knacks, my owl collection, I will color code it. Whoever did this first, I will never be able to repay you. But, thank you.

9. I was born an only child to a single mother
I was born to a single mom as an only child and I wouldn’t have had it any other way ever. I may be selfish and I may not know how to share most things but I have a relationship with my mom that I wouldn’t change for anything and a relationship that most people don’t understand. Or are lucky enough to have. She knows everything about me and has always treated me like one of the adults and never baby talked at me (I hate seeing baby talk to an 8 year old child).

10. I nearly died after a night of partying
Around the time my aunt had died I went a wee bit crazy. Last year at a Halloween party I decided to drink so much that not quite yet Boyfriend, friend, and coworker took me to the hospital where it was announced that I had a .44 blood alcohol level. For anyone who doesn’t know, you typically die at .50. I was nearly dead and hungover for 3 days. If that isn’t a situation I’m grateful for, I don’t know what is. I’m grateful I’m still alive and don’t drink nearly as much. Thank god.

Start with the shallow and end with the serious. Keeps it interesting, yeah? The challenge called for 20 things that I’m grateful for, but I didn’t feel like rambling too much. And I have a paper that I should actually be writing.





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