Twelve Wants of Christmas

Christmas wants

Taking a page straight out of Bloggers Holiday Guide 101 and made an ‘All I Want for Christmas is..’ graphic. Spoiler alert: Polyvore is fun.

It does say TWELVE wants of Christmas (you know, one gift for each day left until Christmas), but the other four things I want aren’t material. 1-8 are very prettily shown above in a nice little graphic.

Items 9-12 go as follows:


Ever since Boyfriend and I went there (almost a whole year ago!) I have had an unshakeable, deep seeded longing to live there. Or to just travel there as often as humanly possible. I just felt right in Portland. It’s a city that feels like a small hometown and I completely fell in love with it. Voodoo Doughnut didn’t help that love in the slightest. I need to get out of Redding and into Portland. The planning for this will be a Christmas present to myself.

10. I want to run.

I was all sorts of ready and excited to do the Mercy Christmas Dash 5k this Saturday. All sorts of excited. And then yesterday I decided to trip backwards into my bedroom because it’s a mess. In my head I had plenty of room to step back and catch myself. In reality, my left foot came crashing down right onto the half sharp/half blunt corner of my metal bed frame. Insert panic and a very strong belief that my foot was going to need amputation. You know, for the extreme likelihood of tetanus or the tearing of a major artery that would leave my foot completely drained of blood. Turns out it wasn’t anywhere near either one of those things. Well, maybe the tetanus. It is a metal bed frame and it’s been a few months shy of ten years since my last tetanus shot. I’m waiting for the lock jaw to set in before I make any assumptions. Anyway, the corner tore a hole in my foot, right above the arch, in a couple different directions. I can’t put any weight on it and every time Boyfriend cleans it with hydrogen peroxide I cry. I’m really pathetic. Short story long..because of my foot I can’t even walk, let alone run. All I want to do is run. Boyfriend had to go into work really late today just so he could carry me around campus (literally) because of course all of this had to happen the week before finals with major tests and studying that needed to be done. #thestruggle

11. I want the roads to be clear come Christmas eve.

This is the first Christmas in three years that retail hasn’t ripped out my soul. It’s also the first Christmas I’ve lived away from my entire family and the only road home normally gets pretty icy and dangerous and turny and drunky around the holidays. I’d hate for my first Christmas of retail freedom to be spent alone in a town that, well..I want to go home.

12. I want health.

I suddenly found myself (after losing 3.6 pounds) back into my binge/starve cycle and I’m really upset with myself. I have managed to stay away from the binge/purge cycle. Which although not eating isn’t much better (at all, I know this) it’s nice to not be doing that.

If anyone can make any of these possible this holiday season, all the merriment would be everywhere!


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