A Christmas Date

I was supposed to be heading to the coast today for a long week of Christmas celebration with my mom. But, I’m still in Redding. I can thank Boyfriend for this (I guess it’s a good thing because now he can come home for a few extra days, too) but I WANT TO BE HOME NOW. I’ve very unproductively spent my day watching close to 15 episodes of Who the Bleep Did I Marry? and cleaning our constantly dirty apartment. Now that I am done with my fall semester classes (in a constant state of panic over my grades) and still jobless I’m hanging out with my good pal Netflix a lot more than I (or anyone) should be.

Sidenote: Why do professors very generously grade on a curve but NEVER let you know what that curve is so when I’m through with my finals I can’t even remotely begin to calculate my grade and am left in a total state of panic thinking that I obviously failed everything and I’m never going to be able to get into a real college and I’m never going to get anything going in my life.

I clearly shouldn’t major in English.

And I’ll force myself to digress.

Since I thought I was leaving for the coast today, Boyfriend and I decided to celebrate Christmas last night since we wouldn’t be celebrating the holidays together or be seeing each other for a week. Boyfriend still had some Christmas shopping to do for his family and I tagged along because I can never turn down time to shop.


And that we did.

Not really on stuff at Target, necessarily. Kind of. But, not really. More so at Barnes and Noble. …and Target. Okay, we spent money that A) we don’t have and B) on things we definitely don’t need. But it’s the holidays and things are fun.

We started the night of shopping by going to Barnes and Noble to get a gift for Boyfriend’s mom. While he was looking at his books I was entranced in the little Christmas section they had set up. And then I found the BEST GAME EVER. I found a collector’s edition version of Monopoly that was Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer themed! #thankyousanta

Boyfriend has a weird obsession with the claymation Rudolph movie and has been searching Netflix for it every night even though he know it won’t be there. He didn’t even blink once when he found out it was $40 and told me it would be a gift to himself. Present for me too.

Next stop was Target where we bought a DVD, a baby doll, a cookie jar, too many boxes of chocolate, a gingerbread house kit, mint chocolate milk, and our new tradition ornament. I was most excited for the ornament, then the gingerbread house. Because, duh, gingerbread. I really like the idea of holiday traditions and thought that buying an ornament together would make a good tradition. We decided that each year we would buy ourselves a new ornament that represented something that had happened during that year. Since we moved in together this year, into our own apartment, we thought it would be nice to find a little house or moving boxes. We ended up finding the perfect little ornament.


And we didn’t realize what it said until i opened it up this morning to put the photo in! Perfect and sappy and cliche and gross all in one ornament. Love it.

After buying more useless crap, we came back home to set up Monopoly and build us a gingerbread house. The game is adorable. I love the different editions of Monopoly because I get completely giddy at the thought of purchasing the Eiffel Tower or Christmastree Forest. Like all games of Monopoly that I play, I started out completely shitty and then all of a sudden I was kicking Boyfriend’s ass without even knowing what happened. Until that stopped and then I lost.


We played for a couple hours and I was building the gingerbread house in between turns which really annoyed Boyfriend but it’s Christmas and I’m a girl so I always win. We had Love, Actually on in the background and I was happy.


‘Twas a fun night. Now I get to enjoy my little apartment decorations for a few more days and then I’m off to home!





Merry Christmas!





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