Resolutions: 2014 Edition


I meant to post my resolutions for the new year a week ago so I wouldn’t be a cliche with resolutions. But, again, I cut it to the final minute and haven’t even actually thought about any resolutions…besides the usual ones.

1. Lose weight.
I would love to finally be at a weight where I’m not wanting to go down further. When I moved I was 15 pounds away from where I feel that weight would be. Now i have 35 pounds to get there.

2. Be happier.
Generally, being happy annoys me. Those people who are always happy and always giggling and always just oh my god! on life drive me up all of the walls in a 50 mile radius. BUT. I’m trying to embrace being happy and showing that happiness, because it really makes life nice.

3. Live life.
Moving made me about 4,000x more lazy than I have ever been and I do just about nothing outside of school. I want to hike and bike and run and just be.


While those three goals are perfect goals to accomplish in a year, they’re tired. And they’ll always be my goals. They don’t even need to be spoken. I want more specific.


Without further ado.

1. Volunteer my time.
I want to become a pillar of the community! Or, you know, just someone who does at least a couple things for others. (Already getting started on this resolution as I just found out today that I received a volunteer position working with children!)

2. Log 500 miles.
My marathon training will total at 425 miles. With the marathon being at the end of July that leaves me PLENTY of time to tack on that extra 75 miles.

3. Yoga, twice a week.
Whether in a studio, at my college, or at home I feel so much better after a good yoga session.

4. Keep a journal.
I used to keep a journal every year and then I stopped. I still have them and as embarrassing as it is, I love going back and reading those entries.

5. Travel to one new ACTIVE location.
Yosemite, Death Valley, Mt. Hood, somewhere outdoors and beautiful with fresh air and green colors.

I don’t even think this needs anything. The scale is a death trap and it needs tuh go.

7. Appreciate.
I take everything for granted. I should quit that.

I hate ending that at 7, but I had more than 5 and I don’t want to bombard myself. Goals are intimidating. 😉



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