(Almost) Marathon Monday

Marathon training starts this month!

(queue hyperventilating panic attacks)

January 27. I feel like I’m putting all of my eggs into one big, fat basket in my marathon training. You know, I’m trying to roll losing weight, being happy, and philanthropy into one perfectly wrapped marathon. I don’t even mean to do that, but I know deep down I’m doing that. Because I always do that. And then, when I quit or fail, I lose everything. Not just the race or just the weight loss or just the giving more. All of it. It’s terrifying and a pain in the ass to feel that way.

But I’m trying to change that this time. I’m trying going to complete all of my goals. The weight loss will come. The happiness will come. And the philanthropy? Well, that already went off to a beautiful start with my Go Fund Me page (full post on that to come later) honoring my aunt and raising funds to support arthritis. I made a goal of $1000 by my marathon date and my uncle graciously donated that exact amount. My goal is already complete. Which means for the first time in my life, I will surpass a goal I made for myself.

It’s starting out positively and I’m setting myself up for a win.

…this never happens.


Marathon Monday posts are going to be where I share my training plan for the week to come and my completely appropriate fears. I’m following a 26 week training program that is designed for complete beginners and builds mileage slowly and completely not intimidatingly (except how can marathon training not be intimidating?) which is perfect for me since I lost my entire base and need to rebuild from scratch. Some may think this is too long for a training program, but the first month or so really is just slow mileage build up, it’s the last 12-16 weeks that really start adding the long runs and heavy miles.

It’s going to be really hard for me to start completely over again. Being up 20 pounds from where I was 6 months ago and not being active at all in about 3 months has put me in an undesirable predicament. And it’s just about time I revamp my attitude. Turn it into a positive one. By falling so far behind I only have that much more room to grow and really learn from my actions and myself.

I need to remember this everyday. On every run. On every workout.

There are still three Mondays before training starts so maybe for the next three weeks I’ll do the completely original and creative (..jk) Monday Motivation posts.

Get me thinking positively.

I’m not used to that.

But I’m open to trying.

That’s positive..right?


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