Week One MT Recap and SUPER BOWL!

Well, marathon training is officially in full swing and I LOVE IT. I had no idea how much I missed running and how much I love my feet hitting the pavement. Even though I only ran for two miles each run, it felt so so good. And my times got better with each run. The body is truly an amazing thing. How it can just pick up where you left off and be pretty good to go. I’m probably going to throw in some of my material that I’m learning from physiology this semester because A) that class is one of the most interesting classes I’ve ever taken and B) the body is freaking crazy. Always nice to share information, right?

If you want to catch up on my training:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Tomorrow I’ll post what’s on the rungenda (does that sound too dumb?) and lather, rinse, repeat!

Today is also the Super Bowl! I was hoping I’d be watching a game with the Broncos and the 49ers, but let’s face it. Kaepernick doesn’t know what he’s doing ever so I knew halfway into the final playoff game that the Seahawks would win. (just kidding. that whole last sentence came straight out of Boyfriend’s mouth) Football isn’t really my thing, but I do agree that without Kaepernick the Niners would have another chance at victory!

So, now I root for the Broncos! Because Sherman…grow up. I also recently went through a phase where I wanted to move to Denver really bad. I’ll just test out the fandom waters. And because, Manning.


(source unknown – Pinterest)

On the Super Bowl Menu:

Skinny 7 Layer Dip

Beef Sliders

Reduced Fat Brownies from Trader Joe’s

and Beer.

because, Beer.

Have a good Super Bowl!

Edit: I didn’t post this for some reason and wow, Broncos. Just wow.


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