Loving Numbers

It’s 1:00 in the morning and Boyfriend just finished taking a rolling pin (yes, a rolling pin, that lives underneath our swamp cooler. college.) to my poor, tight thighs. It tickled so much I think I kneed him slightly under 15,000 times. Rolling out my sore muscle have never tickled before so that was new. Anyways, to the point of my post.

This week started out with an easy 3 miler. Three turkey trots ago I ran a 3k in 34:47, so I still have work to do on my stamina and endurance. BUT. I finished my first mile in 10:14 feeling not completely dead and only having to stop twice for stop lights. And I finished my 3 miles at the same pace that I was finishing 2 miles, so I assume that means I’m getting better. Right?



P.s. I’m completely in love with my Garmin.

You probably noticed those bright, fancy, new colors all blurry at the bottom of the picture? Yeah, I FINALLY BOUGHT SOME NEW RUNNING SHOES. The Asics Gel-Cumulus 15s and they are pretty amazing. Granted I’ve only worn them once, but I could already feel a difference. My feet felt after completing 3 miles how they used to feel after about 1 mile.


Bright blue. Bright orange. Dark blue. In love.

Now that it’s pushing 1:30, I should probably get some sleep. Boyfriend said he’d run with me, but only if we go in the morning. And he has class at 9:00 am, which means we’ll have to be up at 7:00 am, which is 5 teeny tiny hours from now. I’m not a morning person. I’m sure he’ll end up bailing on me, so I’ll get some sleep in time and will most likely end up running after I’m done with class at 1:00. Self-imposed problem solved.

I have a 20 minute fartlek (that name still makes me giggle when I say it. it sounds so ridiculous.) Run fast, run slow, run fast, run slow. At least that’s how I interpret a fartlek.

Fun for tomorrow!

And on a completely different note. I know I don’t have too much traffic on this blog but I’m sure someone accidentally passing by watched the Biggest Loser finale? I’m curious to know the true story behind Rachel’s win. It alarmed me.

Any thoughts on the Biggest Loser finale?


4 thoughts on “Loving Numbers

  1. Your runs are awesome! And your shoes are beautiful. I am an Asics girl as well. I don’t have TV, so I have to catch up on all of my shows the next day via the internet, so I am excited to watch the finale!

    • I don’t have cable and have been googling pictures all day! My mom was on the phone with for most of the finale last night, though, and I got all of the drama straight from her. I think it’s so sad.

      Asics are THE BEST.

  2. I hear ya, hubby and I think she might be TOO skinny now. I’d be interested to see how many contestants leave the show with an eating disorder (at least one past contestant has admitted to it). I thought Rachel looked great at 150 before she left the ranch. Bobby also looked pretty darn skinny!

    • I totally agree! At 150 she looked really good. Really muscular and really fit. I tuned in and out all season and only really watched the triathlon episode fully. I had read her finale weight while watching the triathlon episode and couldn’t believe that she was even physically able to lose another 45 pounds. I hope she gets some help!

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