Brittany v. Rain

Drought? Pshh! What drought? (just kidding, two days of rain won’t be fixing much) It’s finally raining here in northern California. AND I LOVE IT. If there was one more 80 degree afternoon smack dab in the middle of January I was going to shrivel up and die from dehydration. I needed the rain.



The rain, however, was going to make my running nice and challenging. I didn’t run yesterday like I was supposed to. Boyfriend and I were both off of work, we didn’t have school, and we were way too lazy because of it. Also, slightly hungover but that’s besides the point. Because of that my eating was completely off.  A Blizzard, Subway meatball sub, a Trader Joe’s (delicious) hot dog. I felt sick and like “WTF, Brittany?” all day. Excuses excuses, I didn’t run. I decided to use everyone’s favorite word and push the run off until *tomorrow* (today).

Fast forward to now and I was able to make it .96 of a mile before I was like, “Nahh, I’m done. This jacket was supposed to be a rain jacket and now I’m .04 of a mile away from pneumonia. Home time.” Now I’m sitting here, like, “Really, you couldn’t have just done .04 more? Really?”

I’m not too happy with myself. But, I’m only 1 mile behind schedule. That should be easy to make up if I need to.

Tomorrow I have 3 miles to run. And it will most def be a gym date for me.


2 thoughts on “Brittany v. Rain

    • I was totally shocked to hear how dry it was up in Humboldt. COMPLETELY unheard of. One mile is good, but then I think of 25.2 more of ’em and die a little inside, ha.

      P.s. I do try and comment on your posts but for some reason it won’t let me! So, just know I’m supporting you too! 🙂

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