Where it all began.

A little down the road..1148834_10202108913669727_1030101876_n

I guess this is where I introduce myself a little bit. I’m 21, a student, a worker, and a born again runner (PRAISE, ASICS). I grew up in Norther Northern California. (Pot County, USA? Yep, that’s my sweet little home). I moved a little further east in 2013 to a conservative, 1950’s town and let me just say I can’t to be somewhere with weirdness.

I’ve had weight problems for as long as I can remember. In 2008, I was at my heaviest at 240 lbs. In 2013, I found myself at 153 lbs. and in the throws of an eating disorder.

It’s been hard, some of it hasn’t been healthy, and it’s a constant struggle.

I finally decided it was time to fulfill a dream of mineI developed when I started losing weight.

Run. A. Marathon.

And I’m doing it! The San Francisco Marathon on July 27, 2o14 will surely be my bitch and I am full of all of the excitement.

In the end, I’m here because of me.  I’m here to talk about me.  I’m here to help myself. And I’m here so I can finally live the life I’ve only seen behind closed eyes.

I’m ready.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I randomly clicked on your blog because I liked the comment that you posted on HRG. Then I discovered that you and I are from the same little corner of the world. So I had to comment. I will enjoy following your journey! Are you running Avenue of the Giants?

  2. Thanks for stopping by! It is SO CRAZY how small the world is! I’m not running in the Avenue of the Giants (yet…?) but it’s definitely on my list! I didn’t start appreciating the beauty of Humboldt until I left (of course) and now I just want to do everything I can when I’m visiting. A special trip for Avenue of the Giants may just need to happen! 😉

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