A Quick Hello!

Checking in real quick ‘cuz I’ve got a special date with some flash cards and notes and papers and tests. How is it only 3 weeks into the semester?


I’m super proud of myself and how far it looks like I didn’t fall. I convinced myself that I would be struggling for the first month to get some of my fitness back. NOPE. So far, so good.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 5.45.35 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 5.46.22 PM

First mile in 10:49! I clearly burnt my tired little self out and negative split by a minute, but, baby steps. I’m sure one day I’ll learn to not go too hard my first mile.

Right now, I’ll take the 10:49.

Have a good weekend!


(Partial) What I Ate Wednesday and GOOD Training

I didn’t take pictures of everything I ate (you’re welcome) but here is what I felt was good enough.


How did I not find out about the PERFECT PINK HAND PROTECTORS and the new La Boulange at Starbucks? The goodies section looks so pretty and princess-y and I wanted to buy all of the things. Unfortunately, my $10 gift card only let me get a drink for me and Boyfriend and a treat for me. Boyfriend got a grande blended java chip frappucino (because he’s really watching his caloric intake) and I got a non fat green tea latte and a chocolate caramel muffin. It looked TOO GOOD not to get it. And that Starbucks trip ended up being my lunch…so not good but…also good?


And then dinner which is still in the process of being eaten. Chicken breast, roasted sweet potato, and roasted brussel sprouts. I bought a salad at Trader Joe’s the other night and it came with this really good carrot, garlic, ginger, miso (?) dressing so I put a little on dinner, too.


And for what everyone REALLY cares about, my run. Marathon training, day 2. This run felt absolutely glorious. I felt like I could’ve gone on for another 2 miles and I haven’t felt that in a while. My schedule was a little wonky today and I was talking myself out of running all day. Telling myself I could just push it off until tomorrow. Even on the bus ride home, I told myself I would finish my quiz and make dinner and call it a night. But, even though it was cold and dark when I got off the bus from school (still in kindergarten, apparently) I walked up my stairs and immediately put my shoes on. And my bright pink beenie from Forever 21 I got in San Francisco a couple weeks ago.


Post run, red, sweaty face. The best way to end a run.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 8.04.55 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 8.05.21 PM

Already an improvement! More consistent pace, even though I still negative split my second mile, but I’m okay with that. I’m just starting out again, after all.


Breaking Out the Garmin


First run, done. Granted it was only 2 miles, but it was hard, y’all. I had no idea how out of shape I was. My pretty Garmin makes it a little better though. Thank you, Santa Mom.


Just kidding, I mean, look at that 7:28 best pace! I clearly can stop training and just run because a 7:28 needs no work. Double just kidding. Hills can kill you and trick you into thinking you’re much better (and a hell of a lot worse!) than you originally thought. I forgot how even going downhill can wear you out. I wasn’t even on that steep of an incline but decided to just go all out and just let the hill take me. And it took me. I was all sorts of breathless by the end of the 30 second hill. Oh well, gotta get that quick leg turnover!

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 5.15.05 PM

I fell victim to that bastard Mr. Negative Split. I always go out too quick and then get kicked in the ass. Gotta stop doing that. Also, that .01 of a mile? I HATE YOU. STOP AT THE .00 AND BE A PRETTY NUMBER.

There’s no run on the schedule for today. Now that I have a clean apartment and a fridge full of food I have a never ending stack of homework to finish and 45 minutes of yoga to blissfully accomplish. And food. Boyfriend and I made the switch from grocery shopping at Walmart to Trader Joe’s. For obvious moral reasons. Not just because the packaging of Trader Joe’s items is fun to look at.

Any other place in the world > Walmart

I feel like my economic soul has been cleansed.

If you do yoga, what’s your favorite pose?

How easily swayed by packaging are you?


Marathon Monday: Week One

If everyone could come together to do the most dramatic of drum rolls to introduce….

Marathon Monday!





Should I digress? I guess so.

But, on a more serious note, marathon training starts TODAY. Like, this blog post will be sharing the same 24 hours as my first official training run. Even though it’s only 2 miles. It’s a training run. Not that this is any new news here, but I’m running my first ever marathon on July 27 in the most gorgeous, most perfect, and most hilly cities around: San Francisco. I have been to San Francisco more times than I can count and crossing the Golden Gate Bridge is a scene that will never get boring.

I’m secretly hoping that San Francisco’s famous fog is there the day of the race. To me, this is probably one of the best times to see the Golden Gate. It’s almost as if its toying with you. The fog covers most of it, but then there will be that one spot that is open and you can see that quick glimpse of rust. Nothing is better.


To be honest, I didn’t even think about the fact that San Francisco is crazy hilly when I entered my credit card number and pushed register. Didn’t even occur to me. And now it’s a terrifying factor, but I’ll save that ramble for another Marathon Monday. When I actually begin to attempt hill training. If I don’t have buns of steel after this marathon is over, I’m gonna have a real problem. (Buns of steel? Get yourself together, Brittany)

Like the good student I am who never procrastinates and gets all work done in a timely fashion, I waited until the semester was over and grades were in before I made my Marathon Folder. Immediately after I registered back in October, I spent about 3 or 4 hours putting together my Marathon Folder. In it holds my training plan, my registration confirmation, and the course map.


I’m following a 26 week training plan. I know that that is much longer than normal training plans but I am going back into running as a complete beginner. I’m hoping to use the first 3 weeks as a Couch to 5k type of plan and just work on building endurance and then I can really get down to the depth of marathon training. And the hills. I found a training plan online and then made an excel spreadsheet out of it a la Liz of One Twenty Five.

Monday: 2 miles, easy

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 2 miles, easy

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 2 miles, easy

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

Total: 6 miles

I’ve got my pretty purple Garmin Forerunner 10 all charged up and ready to go. I’ve got my clothes laid out. I’ve got my marathon face on.


Fulfilling a Resolution: Fundraising Friday

In July I’m running a marathon. I’ve only talked about it a couple thousand times here. I’m excited and scared and I’M GOING TO BE RUNNING 26.2 MILES AT ONCE. But, honestly,  I really want to make the marathon mean more than just running my first marathon, more than moving my legs for 26.2 miles. I want to help people who can’t run. I want to help people who physically can’t move their legs, who can’t run. I want to honor all of those with disabilities.

Sixteen months ago my aunt passed away. She was easily a second mother to me and played one of the biggest roles in making me who I am today, in every way, shape, and form. And cliche. Her death came fast, it came unexpectedly, and it hit hard. It came nearly four years (to the day) of the drug/drunk/racing murder of my 9 year old cousin (my aunt’s daughter).

It’s been a bit rough.

My aunt, Debbie, suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for over half of her life. She was diagnosed when she was in her early 20’s (I think 21?) and spent the rest of her life in constant pain. I watched her inject herself with Enbrel and Humira and helped her count her daily pills that would only make her days slightly more bearable. There are only a handful of days I can think of that didn’t involve noticing her pain or being concerned that we couldn’t physically do everything we had planned because her body wouldn’t allow her to.

Funny side story: One of the funniest stories my aunt ever told me was when she was originally getting tested for arthritis. The doctor first tested for lupus but my aunt had no clue what lupus was. She and my grandma went to the library to look it up and the first thing she read was “..lupus will cause death in some individuals.” She, of course, didn’t read that it could happen later in life due to complications so she convinced herself she was dying. She was essentially in a panic and went out and bought EVERYTHING. One of her purchases was roller skates, because she figured she would become disfigured and never be able to roller skate again. My mom said she’ll never forget having the door swing open and Debbie come flying into the house on roller skates. When she found out it was rheumatoid arthritis and not lupus, she was relieved. Funny how finding out you have rheumatism can be a “relief.”

Rheumatoid arthritis is a condition that destroys the joints. Essentially, the immune system gets confused and attacks the joints causing inflammation to the joints and organ damage. It depletes the immune system and leaves the body susceptible to every detrimental disease around. Ultimately, this disease killed my aunt. Her weakened immune system combined with the high amount of medications and the overall lack of health overtook her. A blood clot traveled from her ankle and up to her lungs, killing her in three days. It’s not an easy disease to live with, and it certainly isn’t easy to watch someone you love suffer from it. Rheumatism is one of the more serious types of arthritis and affects nearly two million people nationwide. There also isn’t a cure for rheumatism, only prescriptions that make living “easier.”

Basically, it sucks.

The Arthritis Foundation is the largest non profit organization that supports arthritis and other related conditions. They are committed to supporting research, spreading awareness, and promoting government advocacy efforts that will improve the lives of those who suffer from arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation supports the nearly 50 million Americans who suffer from arthritis.

I’m seizing this opportunity to support those 50 million Americans by raising money for the Arthritis Foundation Pacific Northwest Chapter. Because my entire family lives on the west coast, it only seems fitting to go to that chapter. I am so excited to do this and I can’t wait to see how much money I can raise for this great and important cause! I’ve set up a donation page through Go Fund Me. My goal is to reach $5000 by marathon day, July 27. I want to make shirts and all of the logo things! I already created my own logo for Running for Arthritis, which is what I named my sub charity within the Arthritis Foundation. I love it and I can’t wait to get this thing going!

I really want to make this the best fundraising I possibly can and I’ll need all the help I can get. Any donation that can be made is greatly appreciated. All donations made on Running for Arthritis will be directly given to the Arthritis Foundation Pacific Northwest Chapter and they’re tax deductible! Go Fund Me does take a small percentage of the donation, but it’s only around 9%, which ends up being less than $1 for every $10 donated. Not too shabby, eh?

I know there aren’t too many people who read this little blog, but I’m really hoping it will reach someone and that someone will tell others and it will just keep on being spread around for everyone to see! So, thank you for reading this lengthy and business-y post!

And for your support.

(Almost) Marathon Monday

Marathon training starts this month!

(queue hyperventilating panic attacks)

January 27. I feel like I’m putting all of my eggs into one big, fat basket in my marathon training. You know, I’m trying to roll losing weight, being happy, and philanthropy into one perfectly wrapped marathon. I don’t even mean to do that, but I know deep down I’m doing that. Because I always do that. And then, when I quit or fail, I lose everything. Not just the race or just the weight loss or just the giving more. All of it. It’s terrifying and a pain in the ass to feel that way.

But I’m trying to change that this time. I’m trying going to complete all of my goals. The weight loss will come. The happiness will come. And the philanthropy? Well, that already went off to a beautiful start with my Go Fund Me page (full post on that to come later) honoring my aunt and raising funds to support arthritis. I made a goal of $1000 by my marathon date and my uncle graciously donated that exact amount. My goal is already complete. Which means for the first time in my life, I will surpass a goal I made for myself.

It’s starting out positively and I’m setting myself up for a win.

…this never happens.


Marathon Monday posts are going to be where I share my training plan for the week to come and my completely appropriate fears. I’m following a 26 week training program that is designed for complete beginners and builds mileage slowly and completely not intimidatingly (except how can marathon training not be intimidating?) which is perfect for me since I lost my entire base and need to rebuild from scratch. Some may think this is too long for a training program, but the first month or so really is just slow mileage build up, it’s the last 12-16 weeks that really start adding the long runs and heavy miles.

It’s going to be really hard for me to start completely over again. Being up 20 pounds from where I was 6 months ago and not being active at all in about 3 months has put me in an undesirable predicament. And it’s just about time I revamp my attitude. Turn it into a positive one. By falling so far behind I only have that much more room to grow and really learn from my actions and myself.

I need to remember this everyday. On every run. On every workout.

There are still three Mondays before training starts so maybe for the next three weeks I’ll do the completely original and creative (..jk) Monday Motivation posts.

Get me thinking positively.

I’m not used to that.

But I’m open to trying.

That’s positive..right?